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PET Strap

PET strap, Bind-Force is mainly made from polyethylene glycol terephthalate (English abbr. PET), a popular new type packing material on the international market. With its advantages of low cost, nice and durable, environmental-friendliness and recyclable, high automatic operation, it is widely used in the fields of steel, alloy, chemical fiber, cotton spinning, tobacco, paper making, metal canning, etc.

PET strap is ideal substitute of steel strap. In U.S.A and Europe and other developed countries, with the increasing consciousness of safety and environment protection, safe and easily recycled packaging materials were required to be used by force. For heavy and large-sized cargo, there was only steel strap in option. In 1999, PET strap was born. In a couple of years, it has been spread over the world and widely used as a substitute of steel strap in paper, wood and steel industries.


width:12mm, 16mm, 19mm, 22mm, 25mm,Normal specificatio:16mm, 19mm
Thickness:0.4mm,0.5mm,0.6mm, 0.7mm,0.8mm,0.9mm,1.0mm,1.2mm,Normal specification:0.6mm-1.0mm
Available color:Green, Black
PET Strap

PET strap's advantages:

PET strap's advantages:It has tension resistance as strong as steel strap, also extension ability of shock resistance, giving more insurance to your cargo transport.
Small extension rate:Only one-sixth Percentage of elongation polypropylene (PP) straps. Keep Long time tensile force. High thermotolerance: melting point 260 degrees, not distorted in form lower than 120 degrees.
Good flexibility:No sharp edge like steel strap, safe operation, not harmful to hands and package.
Nice & Rustless:No trouble of the rust stain on package coming from steel strap. Bright in color.
Economical:1 ton of PET strap is equal to 6 tons of steel strap in length. 50% cost can be saved comparing with steel strap.
strap's advantages
Strapping cart

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Strapping cart: is used to carry PET strap, seals and related tools in the packaging work. It helps to move PET strap roll freely and prevent PET strap from pollution or being messy and loose.
PET strapping seals PET strapping seals

PET Strapping Tool

PET strapping toolconsists of strap sealerandstrap tensioner specially designed for PET strap. It is your first option of packing due to easy use, very low malfunction, no need operation training, adaptable in tough working conditions. It saves 20cm in length each time comparing to steel strap.

strap sealer and strap tensioner
Model Available Strap Width
Available Strap Thickness
Tool size
UT310 9~19 0.4~1.0 267×71×135 1.3 Blue/Red/Green
US306 13 0.6 400×125×45 1.65 /
US307 13 0.6 505×122×45 1.85 /
US308 16 0.6 400×125×45 1.65 /
US309 16 0.8 400×125×45 1.65 /
US3010 16 0.6 505×122×45 1.85 /
US3011 16 0.8 505×122×45 1.85 /
US3012 19 0.8 505×122×45 1.85 /

PET strap tensioner: It major parts are made of precision-cast aluminum. Coherent operate on tensioning, unbracing and cutting. Easy operate and Durable service. It is available for straps in 9-19mm width.

PET strap seale:Especially design on major parts, with balanced tensioning, smooth bending. Easily use. Nice stainless surface.

Operation instructions

1.Wrap PET strap around the carton/box, grip the strap tensioner, press the pulling bar, put PET strap under the platen and cutter shell, the end of PET strap should reach out 2″
2.Insert PET strap into cutter and winch slots
3.Grip the tool, pull the bar until PET strap becomes tight.
4.Put one seal on PET strap, with opening down.
5.Open the strap sealer fully, bite the seal tightly by folding the handles together, and remove the sealer
6. Press the tensioning bar, cut the strap off, and remove the tool to the right side.

PET strap seale

Pneumatic PET strapping Tool

It is made based on Swiss technology, and used with air compressor. It takes use of high pressure air source to achieve high-speed taut friction welding.Compare with manual PET strapping tool, it combines the functions of tightening, welding, cutting, finish these operations one-time.

It works efficiently with smooth and strong welding connections. No need use strap sealer and strapping seals! Save your time and reduce your cost.

It is widely used in the packaging of light steel, metal, papermaking, stone products etc.

Pneumatic PET strapping Tool
Model UP-19E UP-25E
Available Strap Width 19mm 25mm
Available Strap Thickness 1.0mm/td> 1.2mm
Max Strength 259kg/td> 259kg
Average Pressure 0.65pa/td> 0.65pa
Tool size 280×165×180mm/td> 280×165×180mm
Weight 3.8kg/td> 3.8kg
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