Dunnage Bag

Kraft Paper dunnage bag

Dunnage Bag: The safe guard in container transportation

1、SHOCK GUARD dunnage bag can effectively prevent the cargos from moving during the transportation of truck, railways and containers. It can fill the interspaces and support the weight caused by bumping, absorb shaking, so as to protect the cargos from any damages. It is more effective and environmental friendly than any other traditional cushion material like foamed plastics.
2、It is made of kraft paper laminated by PP and PE, strong and firm, the inner bag is mainly made of five layers -ply arch nylon membrane with the component of PA.
With designing of the unidirectional valve, air can be released and charged faster. It is tight and strong to bear more than 7 tons of pressure. For its superiorities of time-saving packing, simple and convenient usage, lower transport costs, it has been used by more and more companies.


PP Woven dunnage bag

PP Woven dunnage bag

Used to secure cargo in transit; whether transported by sea, container, rail or truck. The empty dunnage bag is placed in the voids between the cargo and inflated using compressed air. Prevents movement related to multi modes of transport and handling associated with intermodal carriage. Made with quick fill valves for fast fill and deflation. Water-proof, light, economical & flexible. Made from 100% Recyclable materials (LLDPE 4 & PP 5)
The inner bag is made of co-extruded high quality polyethylene (PE) film ensuring an air-tight seal. The outer of the bag is made of woven polypropylene (PP) for maximum strength and durability. These materials are recyclable and contain no heavy metals.
Air Valve
Our dunnage air bags are equipped with a patented valve, which allows fast inflation and deflation. When used with our inflator the time for inflation and deflation is significantly reduced.


Exterior bag:

It is made of high strength kraft paper, PP woven bag and PE film. Although only one layer of kraft paper, as it is produced with high quality raw material and special processing, its strength can be equivalent to the products with 2-3 layers’ kraft paper. Moreover it is the only domestic manufacturer we found, who produces inside bag with 5-layer nylon film, while all the other suppliers produce inner bag with LDPE, which is inferior to nylon film whatever on tensile strength, sealed strength or Anti-piercing strength.

Air nozzle:

The one-way valve can effectively prevent the air from releasing, and its special design is helpful to protect the dunnage bag from damage and reduce the possibility of harm to the operator when air adding.

Inflation step

  • inflatable tool
  • Air valve
  • inflation

The application pictures of Dunnage Bag

  • Dunnage Bag left
  • Dunnage Bag two
  • Dunnage Bag three
  • Dunnage Bag right


The installation of dunnage bag is simple. You can read the guidance printed on the exterior bag .


Air Compressor, Inflator

Air Compressor


Pressure Test

Dunnage Bag Dunnage Bag

Pressure test in China Packing Research & Test Center(CPSTC)

Our dunnage bag remains undamaged at the maximum of 9 tons of pressure
Maximum pressure capacity: 0.2Bar/20Kpa/2.9P.S.I


Model Size/cm gap range/cm gap height/cm
SG0510 50*100 10-20 90
SG0612 60*120 10-25 110
SG0812 80*120 10-35 110
SG0816 80*160 10-35 150
SG0912 90*120 10-40 110
SG0918 90*180 10-40 170
SG1012 100*120 10-45 110
SG1016 100*160 10-45 150
SG1018 100*180 10-45 170
SG1020 100*200 10-45 190
SG1022 100*220 10-45 210
SG1024 100*240 10-45 230
SG1212 120*120 10-55 110
SG1218 120*180 10-55 170
SG1222 120*220 10-55 210
SG1224 120*240 10-55 230

Remark:The above are bag sizes before air inflation.
Size after inflation: thickness*1/2-5cm, height-10cm
e.g:50*100, Size after inflation:thickness 20cm, height 90cm, (Suitable gap range:10-20cm)

protect Cargo

Is your Cargo Safe?

From the exporter's factory to the consignee's warehouse, normally it takes 2-3 months to get to the final destination, and the journey may cover more than ten thousands of miles and the geographic location changes from time to time. Your cargo is challenged by quite a few possible damages, as follows,
1. Damages due to the shaking, bumping, hitting of the cargo in container during the transportation(including inland transportation in the exporter's country, long-distance ocean transportation and inland transportation in the importer's country.
2. Damages due to the shaking, bumping, hitting of the cargo in the course of containers' lifting and moving(including stacking and loading at the export port, transship at the transfer port, and discharging and stacking at the destination port.)

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