Container Thermal Liners

Heat damage

Container Thermal Liners Work During the long distance transportation on the sea, in the daytime, the sunshine keep heating the iron-made containers, and raise the temperature terribly in the containers. In the nighttime, the rapid dropping of temperature of the container easily cause moisture condensation, which is called “container rain”.
The great change of temperature of day-to-night climate conditions brings a lot of quality damages to the cargos.
Furthermore, there are other threats like water, mould, radiation, vermin and gases. All of these circumstances have highly unpleasant consequences.

What is HeatGuard?

HeatGuard container thermal liner is make of high reflective aluminum material which reflect 95% of radiant heat. The special installation method also creating air gap in between the container wall and roof to prevent conductive heat transfer. A total seal environment created by HeatGuard liner form a envelop which preventing movement of air and thus preventing convection heat transfer.
In this way, it provides thermal Insulation function, and stable temperature environment for the cargo in the container. It prevents the temperature from rising and dropping in a big range, protecting the cargo from the damage of heat gathering and moisture condensation. So it effectively save the cargo from the quality loss.


HeatGuard pallet cover

HeatGuard pallet cover Compared with container liner, they are smaller. It is designed for cargo packaged on pallets. It can be made in customized size.
Whether for summer heat insulation or winter warm keep, we can offer you the most suitable packaging solutions.
For more temperature sensitive products, container liner and pallet cover can be used together which will have double effeect.

pallet thermal cover

How does HeatGuard Work?

Container Thermal Liners
HeatGuard Material
Container Thermal Liners
Bubble Film

HeatGuard Material It is made of 7layers structure, which is pure aluminum foil for two sides, middle layer is barrier layer.
Compared with traditional bubble film and EPE, this material is more light and thin and convenient to process. It has high resistance strength, and can be recycled to use.


In summer, when ambient temperature is 36 degree,container inner temperature will arrive 55-60 degree,but liner bag temperature is just in 40-45 degree, then have 10-15 degree temperature difference.
it will have a better insulation effect to use with pallet cover together.

Container Thermal Liners Effect


Product name Model Size(cm) Package Size
HeatGuard Container thermal liner HG-20GP 600*240*240 44*70*17cm
HG-40GP 1200*240*240 47*74*23cm
HG-40HQ 1200*240*270 49*74*25cm
HeatGuard Pallet Cover PC-1 100*120*120 30*53*10cm
PC-2 110*120*120
PC-3 120*120*140

Application Pictures

Container Thermal Liners Container Thermal Liners Container Thermal Liners Container Thermal Liners


HeatGuard is widely used in food, chemical, cosmetic, pharmaceutical, electron, spaceflight etc.

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